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Patch Notes

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We’ve also added a new “Snap to Grid” option, which makes it easier to align your shapes. Just turn it on in the “View” menu and your shapes will snap to the nearest grid line when you move them around. In addition, we’ve made some improvements to the way lines are drawn. Now you can easily change the curvature of your lines by dragging the control points, and you can also add arrowheads to your lines by clicking on the “Arrow” button in the “Line” menu. Finally, we’ve made some under-the-hood improvements to the way saves and loads files, which should make the app a bit faster and more reliable.

New Features

  • Now you can export your drawings as PDFs! This is great for sharing your work with others or for printing out your drawings.
  • We've also added a new grid tool that lets you create a grid overlay on your drawing. This can be helpful for aligning objects or for creating precise drawings.